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Microblading, Powder Brows, Combo Brows... Oh My!

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

How to choose the best semi-permanent brow makeup procedure for you!

Image by makeup artist Jose Corella

Your Brow Options

At Haus of Lash Co, we offer the full service of brow-perfecting solutions, ranging for the temporary brow shaping, tinting and waxing to the more semi-permanent makeup options including microblading the eyebrows, a 'powder' brow technique, and a combination of microblading and powder brows. First up, let's review what each entails. We know semi-permanent makeup is a commitment, and so during your appointment, for all of our semi-permanent brow procedures, we hand-draw the shape of the brow and spend about an hour perfecting the shape, ensuring its the best for your features and face shape. We often have clients requesting a specific celebrity brow, however one shape does no suit all and what looks great on one person can be quite unflattering on an another, this goes for shape, colour tone, hair stroke direction. Given that brow trends change, we want to ensure that the brows we create look best on you and enhance your features adding to structure of your face in a way that blends in and brightens. Beauty is all about harmony & balance, you don't want any one feature to stand out and distract.

So what is microblading vs powder brows vs combination brows and how to choose the best option?

MICROBLADING: Microblading is a semi -permanent makeup technique that creates very fine lines that mimi the direction and shape of hair strokes. They are manually etched in the skin using a manually held pen that contains micro needles and the appropriate colour tone application. The size the thickness of the blades, the technicians skills, your own skin type and the products used determine how the hair stroke will look. Done properly the results will last around 18 months. We find microblading can look the most natural on clients that have existing brow hair and would like to add, thicken and restructure the brow slightly, this is because that micro-strokes are camouflaged in the existing brow hair beautifully. Microblading is also best tolerated by non-oily skin types.

POWDER BROWS or OMBRE BROWS: Powder brows create a powder look that have a subtle makeup effect using a micro pigmentation machine that deposits pixels of pigment in the top layers of the dermis. Powder brows is a great solution for most skin types, slightly less invasive than microblading and works well for oily, combination or dry skin, also requires less touchups than microblading. Powder brows is also our preferred method on clients with minimal hair who wish to really reshape their existing brows.

COMBINATION BROWS: Often we use combo techniques to combine powder with microblading or hair strokes. Combo brows are a great choice for clients that have little to no hair at all and may not be able to handle only microblading. It also helps to create more natural shading and dimensions.

Beyond these considerations, is a personal style and aesthetic - what is the look you like best? The decision is ultimately best made in a complimentary consultation with us, where we can review examples of our work showcasing all options and discuss your skin type and skin health, and brow goals.

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